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12 September 2019

We love our Speakers . That’s why we take the time to review and share some of the amazing events our speakers attend. Hearing them live allows us to give our expert recommendations to event organisers on who is the best fit for their event.

From exciting in-office visits that inspire our weeks, to events in adventure , business  and beyond , keep up with our weekly round up of events directly from our family at Speakers Corner  to you.

Kate Philp

Kate Philp is an ambassador for ABF, The Soldier's Charity, and a trustee of the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre. Abbie  from Marketing said that this was the second time she'd seen Kate and she loved her story. Kate talks about what she's been through in terms of leadership, resilience, motivation and has many different experiences from the army, rehab and Walking With the Wounded to draw examples for any event.

Keegan Hirst

A fan favourite, Keegan Hirst came into the office and wowed us all. He is a rugby league player from near Leeds who grew up on a council estate and came out as gay in 2015 on a world stage. Debbie  from Account Management says Keegan was humble, articulate, and interesting.

Keegan is now a role model for kids. He speaks about inclusion and diversity, self-reflection, teamwork and is a great guy who everyone will love because of his relaxed, open and honest style.

Shahin Sadafi

Later in the week, Shahin came into Speakers Corner Towers and spoke to us about his own story. From fleeing Iran as a child with his mother and having to leave his brother and dad, through to his recent work with Grenfell United and RAAW. Matt  from Account Management says that Shahin's story is incredibly inspirational, and is one a lot of different organisations could benefit from hearing. A purely inspirational speaker!

Laura Try

During an evening event, Natalia  from Marketing loved Laura’s story. She said it was inspiring and memorable. Laura truly knows how to show her audience that they can go from dreaming of something to achieving it with just the effort of 'try'ing.

She also believed that Laura illustrated her journey from ‘shopoholic to minimalistic adventurer’ with a lot of humor and wit. Even incorporating props and short videos into her speech: most notably the shoes that she'd bought for her first run, the 'poo bucket' from her trans-Atlantic trip and the daily vlogs she made on both of her trips. Energetic, interesting and inspiring!

Nesrine Malik in Conversation with Gary Younge

Payal  from Logistics went to see Nesrine Malik and believed that she was a truly interesting speaker! Nesrine is a British – Sudanese Journalist who has been in the Media front for over 10 years, starting in finance and making her way into Politics. Nesrine spoke about the political volcano we are currently in the middle of, the 6 myths of Gender Equality, Political Correctness, Free Speech, Damaging Identity Politics, Virtuous Origin, the Unreliable Narrator, and her book. A fantastic speaker!

CXS | Customer Experience Summit

Dan  from Account Management went to the CXS Customer Experience Summit Conference and saw Maddie Moate and Geoff Ramm. Maddie hosted the day, and Dan said that she kept things ticking along with her high energy, always remaining in full control. Geoff Ramm spoke about incredible customer service and inspired the audience to go over and above with "celebrity service".

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