Wearing his environmentalist hat, entrepreneur Richard Branson launches green fund

11 August 2009

Entrepreneur and would-be environmentalist Richard Branson has invested a large proportion of his own money in a new project - the Virgin Green Fund, which will be based in London and San Fransisco. The green enterprise is set to raise £240m in total and the fund will invest in renewable energy projects such as biomass and solar power.

The Virgin boss believes “We shouldn’t stop trying just because we have not yet put our own house 100 per cent in order or because we think a challenge is too great to achieve.”

Sir Richard Branson is arguably one of the world's best known business figures. A billionaire entrepreneur who left school at 16 with dyslexia and little in the way of academic achievement, who build an international business empire encompassing everything from airlines to medical research. As a keynote speaker, Richard Branson is known for inspiring and motivating audiences across the world.

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