Blog What Does the Future of Leadership Look Like?| The Week That Was

What Does the Future of Leadership Look Like?| The Week That Was

Hello I’m Natalia, the Digital Content Marketer for Speakers Corner.

We're always searching for the best and brightest minds that give voice to the future. From experts on cybersecurity to seasoned journalists and innovators sharing insights into voice tech, we love attending events energised by some of the exciting people in our book of contacts.

Discover the speakers, leaders, and game-changers that shared their amazing stories with us this week, and find the perfect speaker for your next event.

Christopher Hopechristopher-hope.jpg

We started off the week with Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent and Assistant Editor of The Daily Telegraph. After sharing his experience through the political landscape, he helped us break down Brexit, the future of Boris Johnson's political future, and why we should worry less about the future. 

Truly a breath of fresh air, Christopher gave us a new hope and a new perspective about the often tumultuous political landscape before us. 

James PoulterAnj Handa & Anthony Bennett


Inspired by the incredible power of technology, Abbie had the chance to hear insights into voice tech with James Poulter, the importance of diversity and equality from Anj Handa, and was moved by Anthony Bennett's story of survival. A motivating evening with incredible speakers!

Comedy Showcase


Dan got to check out a great night of comedy at 2Northdown with Aaron Twitchen, Alice Marshall, Andrew Lawrence, Darren Altman, Geoff Boyz, Jack Gleadow, Leroy Brito, Matthew Osborn, Robert White, and more! We love seeing the future of comedy!

Shay McConnonshay-mcconnon-speakers-corner-visit.jpg

Few speakers have the ability to deliver powerful life-changing messages as they make their audiences laugh. Shay McConnon is one of them.

Shay McConnon joined us in the office to share how to get the best out of people and build better, and more collaborative relationships at work, plus a bit of enchanting magic!

Nicky Moffat    nicky-moffat-speakers-corner-visit.jpg

After climbing to the top of the army as a Brigadier (and the most senior woman in the Army), Nicky currently helps companies, including leading UK, multinational and global corporations and businesses, develop their leadership capability and talent pipelines.

She came into Speakers Corner to share her story and how good leadership can help power teams towards success - we're inspired!

To Stop Climate Collapse, We Must End Capitalism


Lydia spent a night at the Royal Geographical Society with George Monbiot, Fahana Yamin, Adair Turner, Tony Juniper discussing how capitalism is driving us to disaster…or is it?

With anti-capitalists and capitalists discussing economic growth, climate change, and the political landscape, it was a night dedicated to some of the brightest minds and their insights into our possible future.

Peter Hacker


A passionate and globally recognized expert on cyber security and disruptive technologies, Peter Hacker advises committees, governments and organizations on the real threats that cybercrime, disruption and crypto-technologies pose.

He came into Speakers Corner to share his insights on the future of tech and how we should best prepare for the future of cyber-security.

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