Paul Morocco & Olé: Comedy & Cabaret

The musical talents and comedic creativity of Paul Morocco and his two ‘amigos’ fuse harmoniously to form the trio Olé. Extremely skilled comedic musicians, each member fights for their pride while playing, spinning and throwing their Spanish guitars, rapidly weaving slapstick, pop parodies and flamenco rhythms throughout their act.

D: £3K - £5K

Entertainment Comedy & Cabaret

Paul Morocco and his two ‘amigos’ fire out a unique performance as Olé, the international  musical comedy  trio.

As an eerie light breaks its way through a foggy stage, three Latin machos ready themselves to fight for their pride – their guitars their only weapons.

As they start to play, spin and throw their flaming instruments, displaying a dazzling mastery of their Spanish strings, they being to whip the audience into an emotional frenzy through suspense, surprise and drama.

Flamenco rhythms and musical parodies of salsa, swing, blues, jazz and pop are woven throughout this virtuosic display, along with frantic comedic slapstick, egg-smashing, ping-pong ball-spitting, and timely ejections of smoke.

After a childhood of honing his guitar skills and juggling lemons, amongst other arts, Paul was destined for the world of entertainment. Mastering the unpredictability of street audiences and the flamboyance of cabaret whilst travelling the globe, he evolved his own style in the creation of Olé in 1992.

He has never looked back, and since then the itenerant trinity have garnered international acclaim through their live and television performances around the world.

An explosive fusion of farce and true skill, Paul Morocco and Olé ignite the stage with a celebration of musical comedy.

For further information or to book Paul Morocco and Olé, please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070

+44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email

For further information or to book Paul Morocco & Olé please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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