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A ‘historian of the future’, James Bellini is a popular conference facilitator and keynote speaker who illuminates key strategic challenges facing current and future management. Drawing on his extensive experience in broadcast journalism, he powerfully delivers content focussed on social, economic and technological trends up to Horizon 2025.

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"Engaged well and moved at a pace in-keeping with the rest of the day."
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A leading futurologist, James Bellini takes audiences on a journey through the next 20 years of business and beyond, provoking discussion around strategies facing current and future management, with a particular focus on trends up to Horizon 2025.

As a popular  conference facilitator  and  keynote speaker , James examines the impact on corporate and everyday social life of emerging technologies and a predicted global shift in economic power.

James’ experience in TV broadcasting only serves to enrich his delivery of these fascinating insights. He is also a qualified executive coach, who can impart his business knowledge at top-level management conferences.

Having joined the BBC as presenter of The Money Programme, Newsnight and Panorama, his subsequent years in broadcast journalism saw him develop a deep expertise in business, politics, and environmental issues. Honing well over two decades of experience, James is able to offer thought-provoking and fascinating insights into future trends and current affairs.

Among his many award-winning TV programmes, James penned and presented the 12-part series ‘The Nuclear Age’, and is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He is also an avid contributor to leading publications both in print and on radio, having produced numerous books, special reports and analytical papers on social, political and business trends, and was editor of a four-language European business monthly called Vision.

James' impressive academics include a Masters in Law and History from Cambridge and a PhD from the London School of Economics. After a stint as a university lecturer he became the first British member of the renowned futurology 'think-tank', the Hudson Institute founded by Dr Herman Kahn.

James was Head of Political Studies at the Institute’s European Division. He also consulted for the Henley Centre for Forecasting and The Economist Intelligence Unit, and has served on the Advisory Board of the Global Future Forum, a worldwide network of futures professionals.

As a keynote speaker, James can cover the shifting global landscape, innovation and future trends, the changing balance of world economic power and he can also look at the impact of new technologies. James is also an adept conference facilitator and panel chair.



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  • "Engaged well and moved at a pace in-keeping with the rest of the day."
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