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Create an electric event like no other. Find the right speaker to host or feature at your in-person event, and inspire your delegates to do more.

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In-person events — essential for connecting in a digital world

The modern business world relies on technology. More and more events are taking place online. But although the pandemic has revealed the value of virtual events, it’s also helped us truly appreciate our time together in person.

Nothing beats the energy of a receptive crowd with a purpose. In-person events are still the best way to create memories and feelings that linger long after the event is over. The experience goes beyond the event or speaker — there’s an electric atmosphere that just can’t be replicated online.

Find out how we go beyond speaker booking to help you create a memorable in-person event.

Is an in-person event right for you?

In-person events take a little more planning and investment than virtual events. But there’s nothing like an in-person audience for empowerment, motivation, and inspiration.

That’s why some occasions demand the buzz of being there. In-person events work best for:

  • Awards ceremonies
  • After dinner entertainment
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Comedy speakers
  • Motivational meetings

Find out if your event would work best as a virtual meet-up or an in-person event.


Why choose Speakers Corner for your event

At Speakers Corner, we pair you with a speaker who can relay your message perfectly. From finding the right event host to choosing the right format, it’s our job to make your event one to remember.

  • We’re completely impartial — we don’t have exclusive contracts with our speakers, making us free to find the right person to host your in-person event
  • We’re committed to creativity — whether it’s sourcing giveaways or unearthing your event’s purpose, we’ll find ways to make your event special
  • We’re responsive and supportive — we’re always on hand to make sure your in-person event is everything you need it to be.

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