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Reach anyone, anywhere in the world with a virtual event. Our online event speakers create unique experiences that get through to people — even through a screen.

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Virtual events — no longer a pandemic stopgap

2020 changed everything for businesses — including how we get together and share information. But virtual events should no longer be considered a pandemic stopgap. They’re a fantastic format with their own unique purpose.

Virtual events offer exceptional experiences for organisers and audiences alike. They’re inexpensive to run, quick to organise, and good for your carbon footprint. Audiences can watch and engage from their home, office, or home office — so it’s cheap and convenient to tune in.

Find out what we’ve learnt about creating memorable virtual events over the last few years — and why they’re now more relevant than ever:

Is a virtual event right for you?

Going virtual isn’t always the most effective way to get your message across. After all, there’s nothing quite like the electricity and energy of in-person events.

But virtual events are the most incredible way to talk about current issues and reach a global audience. They’re dynamic, interactive — and speakers now have the tools, experience, and expertise to make virtual events highly memorable.

Online events work best for:

  • Short events (1-2 hours)
  • Roundtable discussions of current events
  • Meetings involving people around the world
  • Events that need quick short-notice organisation
  • Interactive workshops
  • Informal team get-togethers and socials.

Find out if your event would work best as a virtual meet-up or an in-person event.


Make your virtual event memorable

Why choose Speakers Corner for your virtual event

At Speakers Corner, we pair you with a speaker who can relay your message perfectly. From finding the right event host to choosing the right format, we’ll make your event one to remember.

  • We’re completely impartial — we don’t have exclusive contracts with our speakers, making us free to find the right person to host your virtual event
  • We’re committed to creativity — whether it’s boosting your production value or incorporating VR, we’ll find ways to make your virtual event memorable
  • We’re responsive and supportive — we’re always on hand to make sure your online event is everything you need it to be.

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