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Entrepreneur and founder of an award-winning London-based design company, Barjis has broken the mould, and exudes sharp creativity, courage and astute business acumen. Pioneering her way through the fashion industry, the BARJIS label has been celebrated on London catwalks. Staying true to her heritage and weaving her individual identity into each collection, Barjis’s motivational story will enlighten a business audience.

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"A truly inspirational and engaging individual."
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Entrepreneur and founder of an award-winning London-based design company, Barjis has broken the mould, she exudes sharp creativity, courage and astute business acumen.

Barjis’s journey into business is ground-breaking, inspirational and in many ways ordinary - but not for a girl from her background.

Born in Pakistan into a conservative Muslim family, Barjis had an arranged marriage, and was expected to conform to tradition. Happy and secure, she never wanted to break free from expectation, but her curious and ambitious mind started taking her to interesting places. Formulating a strategy for success without assimilation became her mission.

She formed the BARJIS luxury fashion label, bringing together eastern modesty with western prints, creating a brand that was a unanimous success. BARJIS has been celebrated on the catwalks at London Fashion week, and in countless columns in the UK and international press. Barjis has achieved this incredible success without compromising her culture, faith, traditions or family.

Her style is uniquely imbued with the theme of modesty, and her collections have garnered international plaudits, for their strong brand identity which has captured an untapped market of professional women who dress modestly yet stylishly.

A Central St. Martins fashion graduate, Barjis completed executive training at Cass business School and worked at Vivienne Westwood before launching her label in October 2011.

Barjis has won numerous awards including Mail on Sunday Designer in International Trade; Entrepreneur of the Year in London and 1st runner-up as Female Owned Business of the Year.

The Guardian described her as a prodigy of Vivienne Westwood, and the London Film Academy filmed her for a documentary, labelling her a social revolutionist. Barjis and her story have been the centrepiece for many international documentaries.

Barjis showcased her 2013 Autumn/Winter collection at London Fashion Week, and her designs were hailed a fusion of western wear and modest fashion which has successfully created a place in the market for high fashion modest clothing. Her brand has also been features on the BBC and in international documentaries with a global reach.

A passionate, committed and driven keynote speaker, Barjis can impart her business wisdom on the corporate circuit.

Her speaking topics include:

- Breaking through the glass ceiling and barriers for the modern Muslim woman

- Perseverance, overcoming adversity and commitment

- Achieving success

- The fashion industry

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  • "A truly inspirational and engaging individual."
  • The Cultural Capital Exchange

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