Joe Nellis

Professor of Global Economy at Cranfield School of Management, Joe specialises in global macroeconomics and business strategy. Expert teacher in specialist fields of economics and management, Joe is well practised in imparting his leadership and strategy skills in a keynote speech, in order to innovate and instruct a business audience.

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Professor of Global Economy at Cranfield School of Management, Joe specialises in global macroeconomics and business strategy.

Joe previously held the position of Director of Graduate Programmes and Academic Dean of the School, and was Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University from 2005-08.

Joe also holds Visiting Professorial appointments at universities across Europe, the USA and in Ghana, and has received many international awards including 'Outstanding Professor' award in Hungary for his contribution to curriculum development, ‘Distinguished Graduate Award' from the University of Ulster, and the 'Best Professor Award' for several years from Purdue University.

Joe graduated from the University of Ulster in 1976 and was awarded the Adam Smith Tassie Medallion as the top graduate in Economics. He obtained his MA in Economics from the University of Warwick in 1979 and his PhD from Cranfield University in 1991.

A Research Fellow at Loughborough University from 1978-81, Joe was appointed Director of the University of Keele's Management Science Degree, and in 1984 he joined Cranfield and established the Economics Group.
The Economics Group has been consistently ranked by the FT as one of the Top 10 in the world for the teaching of economics on MBA programmes.

Joe has published 18 books and over 200 academic and practitioner journal articles. His research encompasses analysis of business developments and the strategic implications for various sectors arising from a rapidly changing world in terms of the macroeconomy, the role of government, the impact of technology, societal and demographic trends.

Joe has more than 30 years of academic experience as well as with public and private sector organisations. He frequently contributes to prestigious international conferences and is a consultant to international companies where he examines and improves their strategy and business environmental analysis, strategy formulation and management development.

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