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Not being able to speak until the age of 17 due to an extreme speech impediment, Jon Smith's incredible story has allowed him to become an expert in overcoming adversity, communication and business strategy. As a leading business figure in the worlds of sport and entertainment, Jon's motivational story is an ideal addition to the corporate circuit.

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Jon Smith's motivational talks include how he conquered communication and severe lack of confidence through to his role as CEO of a successful London stock market company.

Working with some of the biggest sports stars in the world such as Diego Maradona and Lord Sebastian Coe, Jon managed the off-pitch activities of the England Football Team for 10 years ultimately creating ‘Team England’ which is the vehicle used by the Football Association and the England Football Team to this date.

As the first commercial representative of the England Cricket Team, Jon once again managed their off-field activities for some 6 years while also managing the commercial affairs of the Welsh National Rugby Team.

Jon soon transitioned into being the first promoter of all the North American sports in the UK (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) including the major early NFL games at Wembley while also owning the London Monarchs. Jon was also the promoter of Mikhail Gorbachev’s UK Lecture Tour and a host of other major events in the UK and even occasionally in the USA.

Having been successfully involved in the record business as one of the original creators and promoters of Northern Soul music in the UK, Jon also owned the largest theatre marketing businesses in London and New York – Dewynters and Spotco.

As a guest on BBC News, ITN News at Ten, Newsnight, Sky News, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, CBS and various TV networks around the world, Jon has also been  featured in many publications including the Sunday Times Life In A Day Of.

In 2011 Jon formed the Association of Football Agents with Mel Stein. This organisation has become the voice piece of English Football Agents.

During 2012 Jon presented The Forum on the SKY platform for Sports Tonight Live. The Forum was presented live and took the model of ‘Question Time for Sports’ with a panel of 3 guests and live input from members of the public via Skype or phone. Over the last few years he has become a regular guest on the Press Preview for Sky News.

In 2016 Jon took up his first appointment of a member of an educational board having been appointed to the Board of Governors of the University of East London. In his first appointment as Chair of a National Governing Body in 2016, he helped to steer British Taekwondo to a medal winning, financially sound Olympic success.

His Autobiography, The Deal, was published in September 2016 and was listed as a best seller in autumn of that year. In the last 24 monthshe has also become Non Exec Chair of a data management business and corporate funding office.

Jon is confident and professional, his motivational story is an ideal addition to the corporate circuit.

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