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Co-founder of What If! (the world's largest independent innovation company), Matt Kingdon's expertise in growth strategy, brand differentiation, leadership and creativity is frequently called upon to guide businesses to success. He co-authored the hugely successful 'Sticky wisdom' and 'How to have a creative revolution'.

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"Matt is uniquely qualified to demonstrate how innovation works in practice - where it comes from, what it leads to."
The Economist

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Matt Kingdon is the co-founder and leader of  ?What If!, a leading business innovation organisation and author of best-selling business books on innovation, creative revolution and changing business perceptions.

After some time with Unilever, marketing their brand portfolio, Matt co-founded Innovation consultancy ?What If! In 1992, and for over two decades they have been partnering with the worlds’ largest organisations to invent new products, brands, services, and business models, and build their in-house innovation capabilities.

Matt imparts his knowledge and experience, demonstrating who the real heroes of innovation are. Believing that delegates trying to make changes in established organisations have a harder job in many ways than an entrepreneur, Matt champions human organisation over strategic reforms. Pioneering methods of listening, experimenting and packaging new ideas, Matt is not afraid to disrupt organisations and enforce change for the better.

Matt’s book, The Science of Serendipity is a culmination of the first 20 years of his innovative corporate career.

He has seen first-hand and understands how companies can be reborn. His wealth of experience is invaluable and he in his speeches he uses it to give businesses practical advice on how humans are at the heart of commercial success.

In addition to his extensive corporate work, Matt has helped Gordon Ramsey work with prisoners to get their lives back on track; has worked with Fight For Peace, a Brazilian organisation that raises street kids through boxing, and with PepsiCo to consider how their world would look if they stopped transporting so much sugar and water.

Matt has advised the UK government on engagement in the workplace, he is a University guest lecturer and blogs for and the Huffington Post. 2013 saw Matt shortlisted for Thinkers 50 Distinguished Achievement Award for innovation.

Available as a keynote speaker or innovator, Matt’s specialities include innovation consulting, design leadership and executive coaching.

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  • "Matt is uniquely qualified to demonstrate how innovation works in practice - where it comes from, what it leads to."
  • The Economist

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