Milly Pickles

Milly Pickles is a successful digital creator and has come a long way in the four years since an accident that completely changed her life.

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Milly Pickles fired herself to internet superstardom at the start of the pandemic after posting videos on TikTok documenting life as a disabled athlete and amputee. 

Over 5 million likes and a brand deal with one of the UK’s biggest sporting firms later, she is now a successful digital creator and has become an advocate for people with disabilities following her life-changing accident. 

Milly lost her leg to an electrocution accident back in September 2017, but never let it get in the way of her love for sport. 

Milly’s lacrosse teammates from University raised the money needed for her to buy a prosthetic blade, which set her up to start learning to run and from then, she decided to document her recovery online. 

As well as insightful videos on how she uses her prosthetic leg, Milly also posts regular fitness, food and motivational content, which have seen her grow her following at a rapid pace.

Milly has since been spotlighted in the 2021 Cosmopolitan’s Positivity Index and was also a cover star for Women’s Running Magazine, covering her rehabilitation journey and experience being a blade runner. 

She was further spotlighted by The Telegraph for her role in bringing further attention to women’s sport on social media.

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