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Timothy Armoo had already built and sold two businesses before he co-founded Fanbytes while in his second-year at University. Fanbytes has grown to a 50-person company that counts major brands, and even the Government, as clients to win the hearts of Gen Z. Timo was named in the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his achievements in Media and Marketing.

C: £5K - £10K

Timothy Armoo started his first company in his early teens, a tutoring business which grew to 65 tutors within 6 weeks. At 16 Timo started his second company, EntrepreneurXpress at 17 and sold the company within 11 months.

Partnering with co-founders Ambrose and Mitch, Timo founded Fanbytes, which has gone on to become one of the fastest growing video influencer platforms in the UK. Timo was studying Computer Science in his 2nd year at University when he realised marketing to Generation Z was broken.

Utilising its Bytesights dataset of over 3 million influencers, Fanbytes specialises in TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat; helping global brands like Samsung, Deliveroo, McDonald’s and Nike to win over Gen Z hearts. Following this formidable success, Fanbytes was bought in 2022 by the global media agency Brainlabs.

Now CEO of Fanbytes, Timo was named in the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his achievements in Media and Marketing.

Timo is an internally renowned speaker on the topic of marketing, sharing the stage with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix and Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland to name a few as well as being a guest columnist for The Guardian, The Drum and Campaign Magazine.

Timo has also used his influence for good, building the Fanbytes fund which invests and funds influencer campaigns for black businesses, aiming to erode the cycle of a lack of support and funding for black-owned businesses.

Timo’s single mindedness is changing the way the marketing world views Gen Z. Timo has drawn a lot of attention with his candid thoughts on marketing, seeing him grow an audience of tens of thousands on LinkedIn. Timo is an excellent keynote speaker for corporate audiences who need to understand how to win the hearts and minds of Gen Z.

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