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A spate of gardening programmes unleashed including Alys Fowler's The Edible Garden

13th April 2010

Gardening presenter, Alys Fowler is likely to appeal to the younger generation of gardeners with her new programme BBC2's The Edible Gardener where she attempts to avoid shop-bought fruit and vegetables and live off her own, home-grown produce.  "Making The Edible Garden has been about finding a way to garden that is as gentle as possible upon the world." Alys says "A garden that will please and feed me and still be a home for all others that visit it. By choosing to grow my vegetables alongside my flowers in a perfectly pleasing muddle that is polyculture, I have found a way that allows the best of all worlds. The aim is to eat at least one meal a day from the garden throughout the growing season and to have enough loving thing in the store cupboard to keep the winter bearable"

James Wong is back with a second series of BBC2's Grow Your Own Drugs on growing and using natural remedies and Gardeners' is back for the summer season offering advice and tips from the experts.



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