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Business trouble-shooter Sir Gerry Robinson investigates the troubled car industry

9th June 2009

Having successfully presented business programmes in the past, UK business trouble-shooter extraordinaire, Sir Gerry Robinson, now turns his attention to the troubled car industry in the first of a five-part Money Programme series 'Gerry Robinson's Car Crash'.  Tonight's episode finds Sir Gerry meeting management of some of the biggest and most efficient car factories, finding out how they are coping in the midst of the credit crunch.  He also meets salesmen at the front line and workers on the shop floor of a Sunderland production line to get their view point.

He test drives a UK built electric sports car, meets inventor and businessman James Dyson and comes up with some ideas of his own to turn the situation around.  Sir Gerry will also be challenging Peter Mandelson on the government's efforts to lead the UK's car industry through the recession and discusses what the future holds.

Sir Gerry previously presented the BBC business series 'I’ll Show Them Who’s Boss' and a three part programme for BBC2 entitled 'Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS?'

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