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Controversies Assemble for The Turner Prize

The Guardian & The Tate Website - 8th December 2015

turner.pngIn Innovation news:

Contemporary art took centre stage up at The Tramway in Glasgow last night with the Turner Prize going to art collective, Assemble.

With ‘controversial’ being umbilically attached to the awards this year proved no different, although its controversy was a first for the awards in that it was a collective that won who are not technically artists.

In speaking to the Guardian the London based Assemble describe themselves as “sort of architects, sort of not, sort of maybe” who tackle urban degradation by regenerating areas and properties by drawing on art, design and sociology and suggesting alternatives about how we use the space around us. The collective numbering from anywhere around 18 to 26 to 29 people formed in London 5 years ago wanting to work on projects in the spare time.

Examples of the work can be found in Liverpool’s Granbury Four Streets in Toxteth and more recently in The Baltic Street Adventure Playground in the east of Glasgow.

Of the awards, one member Lewis Jones said ““It is super exciting. It’s amazing, the whole past six months has been a total whirlwind and this takes it over the threshold”. They collect a £25K cheque which has been already put aside for future projects.

The win suggests the awards may be heralding a more socially conscious approach over the more ego driven show pieces of previous years while also challenging further the question “What is art?” and “What is an artist?” with art and pragmatism coalescing in the UK’s most forgotten places.  

For full details of last night’s awards please got to The Tate website.


The man himself J. M. W. Turner courtesy of Wikipedia


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