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Kirsty Young, celebrity presenter of Desert Island Discs, presents BBC2's series 'The British Family'

19th January 2010

Kirsty Young, the celebrity presenter of Desert Island Discs presents the BBC2 series 'The British Family', a powerful and moving account of how families have changed from the Second World War.

In the first of the series, Kirsty examined how marriage was transformed from a sometimes stifling institution into a more equal relationship from the 1940s to the late 1960s . She discovered that although many marriages are now happier, the growing tide of divorce continues unstemmed. 

The second episode last night, explored the impact of the sexual revolution and how the changing attitude to sex and feminism changed the British family, Kirsty combined her encounters with ordinary British families with the sexual film archive of the time.

Kirsty described how it wasn't the 60's but the '70s when the sexual revolution took hold of Britain and how people began to write, talk and read about sex for the first time ever.  

Examining how the availability of sexual imagery and bohemian ideas tht the British family was exposed to and how it affected traditional family values, Kirsty shows how the desire for sexual liberation was really tested in the early '80s when the first cases of AIDS reported.

Kirsty also examined how the emerging Women's Movement radically challenged old ideas about the family, about who does what and why in the typical family setup. She met some of the women for whom the ideas of feminism meant a revolution in their families, and those for whom nothing really changed.

The series continues on Monday nights at 9pm on BBC2




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