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Shaun Ellis, wolf behaviour expert returns to our screens in a two part documentary Mr & Mrs Wolf

20th February 2009

Last year’s Wolf Man introduced us to Shaun Ellis, who for the past few years has risked his neck to bond with a semi-wild pack of wolves on a wildlife park in North Devon. Now his girlfriend Helen Jeffs has decided to join him. It seems the one female wolf in the pack is pregnant and when she delivers her cubs she’s going to need a nanny, and Helen wants the job.

Shaun has lived in Devon amongst a pack of wild wolves for seven years. He had told Helen in advance about what gaining acceptance to the pack would involve and she was still game enough to trust both the wolves and her boyfriend, and the scenes involving all of their interaction were enthralling.

Shaun's intimate knowledge of wolf psychology, gained through his sometimes controversial research methods has made him an expert in wolf communication. When speaking at corporate events, Shaun compares pack mentality in wolves to human behaviour, making him a inspiring and charismatic speaker.

You can catch part two of Mr & Mrs Wolf on Channel Five next tuesday at 8pm.

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