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Speaker John Bercow has hired former Times leader writer Tim Hames as spokesman

15th September 2009

Former chief leader writer for The Times, Tim Hames has been appointed as a special advisor and spokesman for the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow.

As an experienced journalist, Tim is well set to deal with the media and make recommendations in the aftermath of recent troubles in the House.  In the past, he has also done some speaking himself.  As an after dinner and interesting keynote speaker, he has a reputation of delighting his audience - "Tim Delivered his speech with humour and simplicity which made him successful in provoking much thought about the issue China poses. He really entertained us all. A privilege to meet him."

Undoubtedly there have been informal arrangements, but it is thought that this is the first time a Speaker has taken on an advisor in a formal capacity.  Tim Hames is due to start in the role on 2nd November 2009 until next summer when the arrangement will be is likely to be reviewed.

Mr Hames said: "The House's reputation is not what we would like it to be; I'm making the case that despite all that has happened over the last few months, Parliament is a good thing."

John Bercow, Tory MP for Buckingham, was elected Commons Speaker in June. Last week senior UKIP MEP Nigel Farage announced he would stand against Mr Bercow at the next general election.


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