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Young entrepreneurs find innovative use of security system and the backing of Dragon Doug Richard

19th October 2009

Two young entrepreneurs, Pilgrim Beart and Adrian Critchlow, founded a technology company Alertme in 2006.  With the backing of Tudor Investments who were introduced by former Dragon on BBC's Dragons' Den, Doug Richard, the company developed a system linked to broadband connection which alerted any movement in an empty property without triggering any alarms.

However, with the Department of Energy annuonced the UK's Low Carbon Transition Plan, the entrepreneurs believe they may have struck gold.  They have produced an energy kit which will alert customers on their computers or mobile phones of the energy being used in their homes and using this information, the appliances can be adjusted.

The Government has set a target of reducing emissions by 34% by 2020 with 15% coming from homes.  Alertme's device measures and controls a home's overall energy and can analyse a family's behaviour pattern and control heating, lighting and water automatically.  It can also turn off unused appliances.

Pilgrim Beart and Adrian Critchlow have had previous success. Beart has founded two other companies.  One of them, Antenova has supplied 40m antennas all over the world and Critchlow co-founded Active Hotels, an online hotel booking service, which was sold to Priceline in 2004 for £90m

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