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Justin Basini

Co-founder and CEO of Clearscore Justin Basini is a serial entrepreneur, dedicating his career to corporate ventures and start-ups, he knows the recipe for success. Knowing the secrets to a trusted business and how marketing can be used for good, Justin can educate and enlighten a company with his keynote speech. Understanding the pillars which comprise a trusted business, Justin can ensure your company will win against the unbeatable odds.

Biochemist, one-time Zulu Warrior, shampoo-seller, erstwhile banker, insight driven author and surviving entrepreneur Justin Basini can drive the business and personal change that you need to create a trusted and thriving business. Described as a “Tigger with huge insight” Justin the keynote speaker both illuminates and entertains.

Background and career

After taking a first in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Justin chose not to continue researching the dynamics of Lactate Dehydrogenase but go to a rural area in KwaZulu-Natal and work with Zulu teachers and kids.

Impactful content and really enjoyable style, please come again next year.
Brands 2010

Re-entry back into the rat-race was a learning experience as Justin joined Procter & Gamble and started selling brands of shampoo and skin cream. This led to a successful stint working for the world’s largest advertising group WPP.

Dot.com boom brought entrepreneurship and the crash brought the need for a safe haven. Deutsche Bank and Capital One were those havens as Justin pretended to be a banker.
Now Justin has authored the best-selling book “Why Should Anyone Buy from You?” and is founder and CEO of ALLOW one of the world’s leading businesses in the emergent field of personal data eco-systems.

Justin uses stories from science, psychology, history, sociology, economics, marketing, branding, strategy and sustainability to bring alive solutions to the mounting pressures on businesses, brands and the people behind them.

Speaking Topics

Justin Basini is an award winning brand marketer, entreprenuer and author of Why Should Anyone Buy from YOU? His presentations are full of fun, energy, insight and a few surprises! 

  • Why Should Anyone Buy From You? The secrets of creating a trusted business
  • Escaping the Matrix – how marketing can be used as a force for good
  • Rehumanising Your Business – putting the human back into business
  • What Adam Smith knew and we’ve forgotten – the challenge of building social capital
  • Think like a Zulu – winning against unbeatable odds

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What people said about Justin Basini

Justin was a great chair, innovative, engaging and authoritative.
Social Media and Marketing
Securing Justin as a keynote speaker was a great move towards ensuring a successful event. He was both thought provoking and relevant.
Justin did a great job of entertaining the audience and keeping them engaged. Good job!
Procter and Gamble
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