The Power of the Spoken Word: Inspiration for your 2020 Events Calendar

4 November 2019

“Our mission is to impart and share the wisdom, experience and expertise of some of the most brilliant minds and amazing people and their stories to audiences globally through the power of the spoken word”

We live and breathe our mission statement here at Speakers Corner. Whether we’re welcoming speakers into our office for a visit, or listening to the latest talent on the circuit, we’re consistently searching for incredible stories which teach, inspire, motivate and celebrate the world we live in.

As we enter a new decade, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some inspirational themes to inspire your events calendar over the next 12 months.

So sit back, let your imagination run wild, and explore the endless possibilities to create truly memorable events. And remember, if you need a helping hand, please get in touch!

Kick-Start The Year With A Motivational Speaker

Start the year in the best way possible with some incredible motivational experts who inspire, spark imagination and create the positive mindset you need to jump feet first into the New Year.

Be left speechless by those who have achieved incredible success despite adversity, or individuals who have used their skills to help change the world. Have a look through some of our teams favourite motivational speakers , or some experts on teamwork and building unbreakable bonds. A motivational speaker will leave your audience inspired to reach new heights!

Find out why  Data Privacy Day  on the 28th January is important for your business

Strategy Lessons From Successful Business Leaders

Your business needs a sound strategy to ensure it is going in the right direction. Where do you want to be in a year? What do you need to do in order to achieve lasting success? Whether it's strategies from entrepreneurs  or tips on general  business success , there is something for all.

With an exciting new decade on our doorstep, now is the time to re-evaluate your strategy to stay ahead of the pack with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. Learn from the experts who have created flexible business strategies built to handle the test of time in this fast-changing world.

What can you learn from  Women and Girls in Science  day on the 11th February?

Embrace The Benefits Of Diversity & Inclusion

Gender, age, ethnicity, disability, education, religion: the economic and social value of diversity, equality and inclusion is recognised as essential by businesses and governments globally. There is an incredible demand for diversity, equality and inclusion experts to deliver diverse perspectives and educate others about the untapped natural resources at your fingertips.

Regardless if you are looking for ways to unlock your potential with experts on diversity and inclusion , or managing generational diversity in the workplace , you won't be disappointed by the wide range of experts at our fingertips.

International Women's Day  is on March 8th, who will you choose to instill wisdom on your audience?

Mental Health & Wellbeing For Your Employees

An employee’s health and wellbeing is recognised within companies as a key contributor to productivity, with a healthy body and mind increasing one’s ability to perform at work. Are your company's policies up to date to deal for the new world we live in? Now's the time to check (if you haven't already!)

Explore the individuals who can share their story to improve employee wellbeing , or help to increase awareness around mental health .

It's Stress Awareness Month, how can you  manage stress in this hectic world ?

Innovation To Fly Your Company Into The Future

Innovation is crucial to the continued success of any company – no matter how well your company is doing; stand still and you will fall behind very quickly. But no need to fear, this is where digging into the minds of experts can produce some gems you can implement into your company starting today!

Continue moving forward, breaking the mould  and pushing boundaries to stay ahead of the competition. Hear from Women who are at the forefront of innovation , and prepare for your audience to be left full of enthusiasm.

Whichever area you want to improve, an innovative expert is the perfect way to introduce strategies that will make all the difference!

It's Mental Health Awareness Month in May, how could an expert help your company?

Sustainability To Protect Our Environment

We are increasingly aware of the threat to the environment and climate change, with sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility continuing to be big discussion points in business.

Sustainability experts and environmentalists  will help inspire and advise companies on how to implement practices to keep our planet alive. Meet some of the architechts  who are doing just this!

Don’t forget to make time for the half-yearly meeting, the perfect opportunity to put sustainability on the agenda!

Shout out to the  Women in Engineering , find out how they can help your business

Celebrating The Summer Of Sport

Summer is well and truly upon us, and it’s safe to say the world will be glued to the screens while nations battle it out at the Olympics (24th July - 9th August) .

While you’re out celebrating all the wonderful events that the games create, how about hearing from a  sporting hero  about some of the key lessons they can share on teamwork, leadership, communication and performing under pressure? They could make an inspirational appearance at your Summer Party, and they might even bring their medals along! Win, Win.

It's Pride London on the 6th July,  put your differences aside and celebrate Entertainment Acts Perfect For Your Summer Party

Let’s laugh the last of summer away with some wild and wonderful entertainment acts  to entertain the office during your annual summer party.

How about some live music, a dance troop or a comedian to bring everyone together and inject some feel good energy to boost employee moral?

Enjoy the last of the sunshine before the end of the year crunch and keep your eyes peeled for our Edinburgh Fringe (7th - 31st) Round-Up.

International Youth Day falls on August 12th, shout out to the  teachers building our future workforce Create Magic With Your Marketing & Sales Teams

Marketing is imperative in creating brand identity and enabling your message to get out to a wider audience. Now is the perfect time to get your marketing and sales teams together to plan for the final quarter to ensure lasting success .

A marketing and branding expert speaks from experience, helping businesses understand the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing world of marketing, and provide the knowledge needed to make your brand stand out  by execute engaging and unforgettable campaigns.

Technology Set To Change Your Company's Future

Technology is changing the world as we know it, and businesses across sectors want to know how to embrace and succeed in the digital world.

Be left in awe of the fascinating experts in the fields of technology, AI ,  the future customer and explore what 2030 may hold for your business. Tech experts and futurists decode intimidating jargon to help reveal exciting ways to reimagine the future of your business ! Where will they take you?

It's Black History Month in October, celebrate this space that's been created to shine light on black British histories

Key Lessons From The World's Best Entrepreneurs

Hear the ins and outs of starting and growing a business from some of the world’s most savvy entrepreneurs . With a wealth of knowledge to share, there are no limits to what can be learnt.

By sharing experiences of running, owning and starting companies, entrepreneurs provide invaluable learning experiences for any business.

From marketing & branding, to launching new products, with an emphasis on innovation, agility and customer service, there will be something that every department can take away.

Celebrate STEM day on the 8th Novemver, it's the way of the future so find out how you can reap the benefits

Hosts For Your End Of Year Awards Night

Congratulate the team for another successful year with an engaging after-dinner speaker  followed by a show-stopping After Party.

Inviting a special celebrity host  to your event to hand out the awards won’t only add a touch of glamour, but it will also entertain and excite your guests. Ensuring it is a memorable event for all the right reasons. Who will help you end your year with a bang ?

Filled with everything from inspiration, motivation, overcoming adversity, to mental health awareness, diversity & inclusion and bursts of comedy, there is something here for any and all calendars!

If you’re in need of a sprinkle more inspiration, then do get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.

For further information or to book one of our speakers, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070  or email .

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