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Maxwell Hutchinson

Former President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Maxwell Hutchinson makes for a charming and gregarious after dinner or keynote speaker. Full of stories from the world of architecture and beyond, Maxwell Hutchinson brings his flamboyant yet professional touch to both property and other types of event. 

Architect by trade, TV presenter  and Anglican Deacon, Maxwell Hutchinson is exuberant, effervescent, unique and a foundation of knowledge when it comes to  art, history and architectural knowledge.

Formerly the President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Maxwell is intelligent, charming and articulate.

Set the scene exceptionally well without visual aides. Capitvated the audience and delivered a knowledgeable and insightful speech.
Corus Building Systems

Through his TV work he has documented the history of a single house over a period that spans 60 years and related its development to history and society and the way communities and characters have evolved over decades, with humour and gravitas. He has also presented numerous programmes about the London landscape and its history. Covering historic buildings across the UK, Maxwell is an authority on the country’s architectural tapestry.

Maxwell has also written a number of books including Number 57: The History of a House which accompanied his 8 part series for C4, How to Rescue a House which accompanied the BBC series about Derelict Buildings. His book “The Prince of Wales Right or Wrong - An Architect Replies” was a bestseller. He also presented two series of talks for The Royal Academy: The Architects Who Made London with Maxwell Hutchinson.

Prolific in his areas of expertise, Maxwell covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and presented The Max Files, a series of three-minute features about his favourite places in London.

He has presented for Songs of Praise, and won a Sony Award for ‘Best Specialist Contributor’ for his BBC Radio work. Maxwell also covered the London 2012 Olympics for BBC London, Sky News and NBC News. He wrote and presented three series for Discovery TV on architecture, engineering and science and presented ‘Demolition Detectives’ for Channel 4.

He has enjoyed runner up position for the ‘BT Regional News Presenter of the Year Award’, and covers London’s history, architecture, landmarks and “Lost London” during his weekly slot with Robert Elms on BBC London 94.5FM Radio.

Maxwell is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’, ‘5 Live’, ‘Late Night Live’ and BBC2’s ‘Newsnight’.

As an architect, Maxwell's best known buildings include Skylines on the Isle of Dogs, JS Pathology’s Headquarters at Camden Lock, Aztec Row in Islington and Pink Floyd’s recording studio in Britannia Row.

For ten years he was Chairman of the Permorock Group of Building Product Manufacturing Companies, of which he was a founder. Maxwell is a visiting Professor at three UK universities.

In 2014 he was ordained as an Anglican Deacon and since 2016 Maxwell has been a curate of St Peter and St Paul Church in Chingford.

Erudite and charming, Maxwell’s vast experience and incredible work history ensures he is a brilliant speaker for a range of live events. 

For further information or to book Maxwell Hutchinson, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk

What people said about Maxwell Hutchinson

Presentation was excellent. His thought provoking words were inspiring, interesting, informative, insightful, and enjoyed by everyone!
Services for Children, Young People & Families
Maxwell was an engaging and lively speaker who was a really good fit for our event.
Manifest Communications Ltd

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