Rowan Gibson

A world-renowned innovation expert and thought leader, Rowan Gibson is a top keynote speaker and educator in 61 countries and a strategic innovation adviser to the Fortune 500. His book, The Four Lenses of Innovation, explains how to dramatically improve your innovation efforts by learning to look at the world through a powerful new set of discovery lenses.

‘Mr. Innovation’ Rowan Gibson, international thought-leader on business innovation, is the author of two leading bestsellers on business strategy and innovation, both of which have been published in several languages. He co-founded – one of the world’s most popular innovation websites.

For more than twenty years, Rowan has worked with some of the most impressive and authoritative businesses in the world, helping them to hunt down, catch and embrace every new opening for growth, and to turn them into opportunities and to even form new markets.

Want to experience the future today? Listen to Rowan Gibson. He is one of those rare people who sees around the bend and brings tomorrow close.
Dave Ulrich, ranked by BusinessWeek as the #1 management educator

Rowan has published several books on innovation and strategy, in which he examines and clarifies how businesses must enhance and preserve employees’ capability to innovate, refreshing your strategy and how to discover new modes of thinking. Making complex subjects simple, he provides companies with the tools they need for growth and change in the turbulent marketplace.

The website he founded, has become one of the world’s most popular innovation sites.

Dynamic and cutting-edge, Rowan is also a prolific writer. Alongside his successful books, he has written dozens of business blogs, columns and articles, and has been interviewed for TV and radio all over the world.

An instrumental figure in the world of innovation, Rowan is an ideal choice for change and fresh strategy briefs. 

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What people said about Rowan Gibson

In a world gone crazy, there's no sounder thinker than Rowan Gibson. He a genius when it comes to rethinking the future.
Al Ries, author of Focus! The future of your company depends on it
you gave a very informative and actionable vision to Bayer, and it was fun. It was a joy meeting you! Thanks again.
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
We have received very good feedback regarding the event . We enjoyed and benefited from Rowan's speech. It gave us a new way of thinking and we could notice that reflected in the next day workshop presentations.
Thank you for your terrific speech, which contributed greatly to the success of our conference. And people adore your book very much as well. It was my honor and great pleasure to work with you, and I learned a lot from you. Best wishes!
Volkswagen Group China
Rowan can speak on a wave length where everybody can enjoy and learn. In his first session, on 13/12/09, I received this note: He kept us awake. We were following him every single second. The event was our 2009 success story! It was also really nice to meet Rowan. He is humble, resourceful, and conveys trust. When you meet him for the first time, you get the feeling you have known him for a long time.
Human Capital Capability
On behalf of BusinessWeek I want to thank you very much for your contribution to this year's European Leadership Forum at Claridge's. We have had a lot of positive feedback from our partners and delegates alike, and the evaluation forms completed on the day were very complementary. Your ears should have been burning in the past week as I have been quoting your Sainsbury's story quite a bit!
Thank you very much for your passionate support of our efforts to kick start enterprise-wide innovation in Mars GCC. I look forward to continued collaboration with yourself, and hope we can together have Mars GCC as a pioneer in the deployment of the Innovation to the Core blueprint in the region.
General Manager, MARS GCC
Rowan had many that remained after the seminar to talk with him and I have had about 10 individuals yesterday afternoon and this morning voluntarily seek me out to thank us for having Rowan speak.
Visonic Americas
Rowan, thank you for a terrific session. You are always great to work with and very well prepared. Thanks again, and see you soon.
Dear Mr. Gibson, Id like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for attending Haier Science Conference, and giving us such an impressive lecture and inspiring workshop. Your profound insights, vivid demonstration and energetic presentation have left a deep impression on us. I believe that every participant has benefited a lot from you. As Haier is transforming to a new innovation model open innovation your perspective on open innovation will definitely promote this transformation. This is the beginning of the cooperation between us. Im sure that you and Haier will continue the cooperation and move it forward to a higher level with joint efforts. Thank you again.
Haier Group
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