Stephanie Flanders

Former BBC News correspondent, and currently working as J.P Morgan Asset Management’s chief market strategist for UK and Europe, Stephanie Flanders speaks with authority on all matters business and economic. An experienced key note speaker, and perceptive conference facilitator, Stephanie can break down both global and domestic issues to make them relatable to any audience.  

Stephanie Flanders is a former BBC News Correspondent; she now works for the international investment bank JP Morgan. Stephanie is an experienced and charismatic conference facilitator and host.

Stephanie studied at PPE at Balliol College, Oxford University and graduated with a First Class Honours; she then went to study at Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar. Stephanie’s first job as an economist was with the London Business School and the Institute for Fiscal Studies. She then became a writer and columnist at the Financial Times.

Stephanie was able to offer us a unique informed overview of future economics
Hemming Group Ltd

In 1997, Stephanie left her job at the Financial Times to become a speech writer and special advisory to US Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers during the Clinton Administration. During this time she was involved in the management of emerging market crises in Asia, Russia and Latin America and the reform of global economic development policy.

Stephanie has also worked as a correspondent at the New York Times and she was principal editor of the United Nations’ 2002 Human Development Report.  Stephanie was the Economics Editor for BBC Newsnight before she became the BBC’s Economics editor in 2008.

Stephanie has appeared on Panorama to investigate the state of the UK’s economy and she was filmed touring the country by bicycle. She has also written for the comment and features pages of the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, the Sunday Telegraph, the Observer, the Guardian, The Daily Mail and Prospect.

She was named Political Journalist of the Year 2007 at the Women in Public Life Awards awards, and Broadcast Journalist of the Year at the Work Foundation's Workworld Awards for 2006.

In 2013 she took up a post as J.P. Morgan Asset Management's chief market strategist for the UK and Europe.

Stephanie is an experienced speaker on global and domestic economic issues and has the ability to speak to specialist and more general audiences. As an adept conference host, Stephanie has hosted at corporate events for companies such as CBI and Mckinsey & Associates. She is a regular host for the annual British Bus Industry Awards and the annual conference of the Institute for the Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. 

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What people said about Stephanie Flanders

Excellent content and delivery. Our clients thought she was "brilliant" and talked at the right level for them.
The Roberts Partnership
Very good participant in panel discussion, strong speaker.
Fiona Murray
Glowing feedback from our guests.
Aberdeen Asset Management
Outstanding. Her ability to challenge and stimulate debate always secures the best contribution from speakers and delegates
Director of Communications, Institute of Chartered Accountants
Stephanie delviered a credible, professional and fine speech
Went down well with the audience and presentationally very strong. Just what we were after and the right tone/ level of economic detail
ECI Partners LLP
Excellent speaker with thought provoking insight. Stephanie was informed, articulate and interesting and a first class guest speaker.
The Roberts Partnership
Engages the audience, wide and detailed level of economic knowledge delivered in a professional, understandable way.
The Roberts Partnership
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