Mike Dean

Mike Dean, a renowned football referee, known for his passion and unique interests, holds the record for giving out over 100 red cards during his 22-year career in the Premier League and has a strong character to handle the intense scrutiny of refereeing.

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Mike Dean, a larger-than-life figure in the world of football, embraces his role as a showman, with some perceiving it as arrogance, but in truth, he exudes a genuine passion for his profession. Hailing from the Wirral and still residing there with his wife, his unconventional interests in ballroom dancing and refereeing set him apart during his youth.

Having officiated in the Premier League for an impressive 22 years, Mike Dean holds the distinction of being the sole referee to issue over 100 red cards. He garners immense respect from his former colleagues, both on a professional and personal level, backed by a wealth of experience in managing football's most prominent personalities, complete with captivating anecdotes. In the contemporary game, where referees face relentless scrutiny, Mike's resolute character equips him to handle criticism with aplomb. His ability to maintain a clear thought process and make critical decisions under intense pressure is a hallmark of his refereeing expertise.

Beyond the realm of refereeing, Mike indulges in various passions, such as accompanying his daughter to home and away Tranmere games. He also boasts a strong affinity for golf, demonstrating his prowess as a low handicapper and even volunteering as a caddy on the Ladies European Tour. Additionally, his enthusiasm for horse racing shines through as he is a part owner of multiple racehorses and frequently attends races alongside his wife.

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