"I want people to feel motivated." Aldo Kane, In Conversation With MD, Nick Gold

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Aldo Kane | 30 January 2023

In this episode of 'In Conversation with', World Record setting explorer and adventurer Aldo Kane sat down with our MD, Nick Gold to discuss his favourite expeditions and what he's learned from his time in extreme physical and mental situations.  

A former Royal Marines Commando Sniper, Aldo is an expert in all environments, making him the go-to man for TV & Film companies around the world. Aldo has operated and filmed in well over 100 countries so when things get tough in TV land, it’s Aldo they call.  Aldo has been on screen around the world on many broadcasters from the BBC, to Discovery, Nat-Geo, Channel 4, PBS, ITV, Channel 5, History Channel and many more. 

Aldo has appeared on Discovery with Hollywood A-Listers like Tom Hardy, Adrien Brody & Henry Cavill in some of the most extreme environments on earth.  With an inquisitive mind and an extremely unique skill-set, Aldo is well set up for hard-hitting investigative journalism missions.

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