Expert On Cyber Security, Organised Crime & Geopolitics Misha Glenny Visits Speakers Corner.

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Misha Glenny | 7 February 2022

In an enthralling recent virtual visit to Speakers Corner, Misha gave our team an expertly-observed and humorous insight into the people he has met on the dark web, the conflict over the future and how businesses need to rely on themselves rather than governments to survive, embracing digital transformation whilst avoiding the ‘dark side’ and the threats that lurk in cyberspace.   

Watch this segment from Misha’s visit to learn about what he calls a ‘seven dimensional game of chess where you have only the vaguest idea of who your enemy is and what they are actually up to’. 

We were particularly enthralled to hear Misha’s alarming revelations about the state of geopolitics, the face-off between the US and China - and who will control the future?

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