"I had a vision that women could get to the top of the sector" In Conversation With Melissa Sterry

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Melissa Sterry | 9 March 2023

In this episode of 'In Conversation with', world leading authority of science and technology Melissa Sterry, sat down with our MD, Nick Gold to talk about her varied career, gender issues within the industry and what she's most excited for in the future!  

Working at the cutting edge of sustainability innovation for over 20 years, Melissa is recognised as a world-leading authority on science, technology and thinking that could help build a better world.  

Melissa is a Chartered Scientist with the Science Council and a fellow of organisations including the Design Research Society. Her success as a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur and her academic prowess as a design scientist set the backdrop for her profound skills as a motivational and keynote speaker.

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