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Hosted by Dean McCullough  we welcomed Dame Inga Beale , Kellie Maloney  and Mohsin Zaidi  to our latest virtual showcase event where they shared their stories and how businesses can help create a more inclusive workplace for employees.

Dame Inga Beale  began the showcase by sharing her story as the first female CEO of Lloyd’s. Drawing on her life and experiences freguarding er influential work in driving the inclusion agenda for women and the LGBT community, Inga shared what it means to lead cultural change and how to build inclusive environments within the workplace.

Former managing boxers turned inspirational transgender figure, Kellie Maloney  joined us next. She shared her incredible story of finding herself and what it took to live in her truth. An moving and profound story, that we won't soon forget.

As a criminal barrister at one of the top chambers in the country and author of Dutiful Boy, Mohsin Zaidi  joined us as a final speaker and shared a story of acceptance and allyship that empowered us all to do more!

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