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Hosted by the brilliant Deborah Frances White, we selected a fabulous line-up of headline acts and rising stars on the corporate entertainment circuit for our 2022 Comedy Collective showcase event.

Despite opening the show, Sarah Keyworth already had the audience belly-laughing thanks to their brilliantly-delivered anecdotes and narration of some hilariously peculiar stories.

Next, Josh Jones’ no-filter comedy had the audience in hysterics as he gushed out his inner feelings and thoughts in a fast-paced and high energy performance.

Sara Barron brought sass to the stage through her honest insight into life as an American in Britain and living positively as a woman in her 40s. Kwame Asante was next, drawing humour from his Ghanaian background, relationships and career in medicine.

Helen Bauer then took to the stage with a punchy performance about self-awareness, body-positivity as well as the impact of 90s pop-culture. Ria Lina’s performance delved into a variation of topics ranging from vaccines to online dating, and was characterised by her quick, dry wit.

To wrap up the evening, Eddie Kadi made a real splash with his personal insight into his Congolese family as well as the realities of trying to dance like a ‘cool kid,’ ultimately leaving the audience on a high.

Our highlights reel captures a snapshot of each of the hilarious acts on stage. For our in-depth expert opinion on who would be the best fit for your corporate event, please contact us today on email info@speakerscorner.co.uk or call +44 (0) 20 7607 7070.

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