Virtual Masterclass: Building A Team Culture For The Evolving Workplace Highlights

Hosted by Geeta Pendse, leading thinkers Jamil Qureshi, Jitske Kramer and Matt Dawson shared how team managers, department heads, and business leaders can create a team ethos which positively impacts targets and brings us closer together.

As one of today's foremost practitioners of performance enhancing psychology, Jamil Qureshi began our masterclass with insights for businesses on how they can fulfil their potential through performance programmes to orchestrate lasting change. With a few questions posed to the audience that helped us reflect and reframe our thinking, host Geeta Pendse introduced Jitske Kramer. 

As a corporate anthropologist, Jitske took us on a journey to the essence of culture. With doses of practical examples on creating a 'tribe' for your own organisation and an exploration on how people shape cultures and cultures shape people, we moved on to speaker Matt Dawson

An integral member of the England Rugby team's 2003 World Cup triumph, Matt tackled topics of teamwork, leadership and high-performance strategies from the pitch to the boardroom. 

After the speakers finished, journalist Geeta Pendse began our Q&A session with questions from participants who asked about the importance of communication in leadership roles, teamwork in the face of adversity and more. 

The Speakers Corner Connects Showcase Series has been curated to show event organisers how the power of the spoken word can be delivered via a virtual platform during social distancing measures. It’s never been more important to be inspired by some of the greatest humans to have walked this planet. 


Biography of Matt Dawson, Geeta Pendse, Jitske Kramer, Jamil Qureshi