What's the most radical thing you can do right now to help your clients?

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Laura Schwartz | 25 August 2020

IASB President Nick Gold shares some exciting upcoming dates for the IASB events program and how these events can drive greater collobaration between members who need to work together to help each other through these unprecedented times.

September 14th: IASB Hub Program featuring 3 sessions: A Masterclass with David Horsager & Carey Lohrenz, an Industry Group Discussion moderated by Rich Tiller, Rich Gibbons and Tony D’Amelio and the closing session with Karl Rove and Robert Gibbs moderated by Laura Schwartz. Register here for the live digital event: https://www.iasbweb.org/events/event_details.asp?legacy=1&id=1381403

September 24th: IASB Chat

September 29th: IASB E-Learning Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion

Nick Gold also asks 'What's the most radical thing you can do right now to help your clients?' Send your answers to info@iasbweb.org  and help us start the conversation and inspire the progress we make today within the events industry moving forward.

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