Virtual Masterclass: Managing Our Mental Health This Winter

The next stage of the pandemic is already here and we’re facing similar social distancing restrictions to what we experienced back in the Spring. This of course brings with it anxiety, fear and stress, which when coupled with the cold winter nights drawing in and a heightened sense of isolation, creates a major challenge for employers to consider.

Therefore, it's vital we understand how to equip ourselves and our teams to look after our mental health this winter, so our next virtual masterclass, hosted by Marc Rice-Oxley, will feature 3 expert speakers who will provide tips, advice and strategies who will do just that!

Register  and join us for our next virtual masterclass on Thursday 12th November at 3PM.

Jonny Jacobs believes each of us have a role in breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace, one conversation at a time. Indeed Jonny’s vision is to create an environment where we truly support colleagues, friends, families and stakeholders, through challenging times and also support positive mental fitness.

Why is this important? Well the positive impact of mental fitness in the workplace is a key asset to unlocking the true potential of a business and its workforce. Prior to his current position as a Finance Director at Starbucks, Jonny was Strategy & Transformation Director at pladis, the global snacking business which brings together iconic brands including McVitie's and Godiva. As the Executive Board sponsor for Mental Health, he led the Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing initiative, which led to the national "Let's Talk" partnership between McVitie's and mental health charity, Mind.

Jonny met us during a virtual event back in the summer and we can’t wait to hear him share his thoughts with you during this Virtual Masterclass.

Dr Sabina Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan’s life-changing techniques transform everyday brains into super-brains. A chartered psychologist, neuroscientist, award-winning science communicator and author of the international bestseller 100 Days to a Younger Brain. Sabina is on a mission to help millions of people enjoy the benefits of having a Super Brain.

Sabina’s interactive sessions harness the latest cutting edge neuroscience to reveal the secrets of the most underused resource on the planet – the human brain. Her resources have helped thousands of boost their brain health, build resilience, to think faster, sharper and better. A TV and radio panellist, including a regular wellness spot on national afternoon TV (The Today Show – RTE), we’re delighted Sabina will be joining us for our latest virtual masterclass

Clarke & Carrie Carlisle

Clarke Carlisle is a former professional footballer. Hailed for his play as an excellent defender and role as Chairman of the Professional Footballers' Association, Clarke is also an ambassador for the mental health charity Mind.

Known for his eloquence and candour, Clarke has spoken openly about the depression which has dogged most of his adult life. Clarke has publicly discussed his mental health struggles and attempted suicide to aid the breakdown of the stigma around the subject. Clarke speaks openly about his battle, working to break down the stigma around these issues, and will be joined by his wife Carrie during our Virtual Masterclass.

Marc Rice-Oxley

Our host for this Virtual Masterclass is Mark Rice-Oxley, a news editor at the Guardian specialising in foreign news. Mark joined the Guardian after 10 years reporting and writing from Moscow, Paris and Eastern Europe and hosted many Guardian Live Events.

His first book, entitled 'Underneath the Lemon Tree', was published in 2012 and is an insightful memoir about his battle with depression. As a host, moderator and keynote speaker, Mark uses his story to provoke thought and debate on the topic of mental health. We’re looking forward to having Mark join us and host our panel Q&A.

Speakers Corner Connects Showcase Series  has been curated to show event organisers how the power of the spoken word can be delivered via a virtual platform during social distancing measures. It’s never been more important to be inspired by some of the greatest humans to have walked this planet.

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