7 Key Themes to Look Forward to in the New Year

5 November 2021

With the end of the year shortly upon us, we can't help but feel inspired and motivated for the opportunities that lie ahead.

That’s why we've asked our friendly team of experts what they think are the key themes to look forward to in the new year.

From the future of work to mental health and managing a team, we’re sharing 7 key themes that can help your business plan for the new year ahead!

Future of work:

This pandemic has forced us to re-examine how we navigate the future. 

By speaking to a futurist, your business can gain insights into ever-changing trends and inform audiences on how to best plan for opportunities ahead. 

Mental Health:

Conversations surrounding mental health and the wellbeing of your workforce have never been more important than right now.

With organisations working to create positive workplaces for employees, check out these mental health experts that are sure to share key insights for businesses moving forward.


Business leaders have learned valuable lessons throughout the pandemic. Their insights on elevating performance, communication and their treasured secrets to success will only continue to grow.

Cultivating that knowledge and sharing it with others will hopefully strengthen the business community and create pearls of wisdom for entrepreneurs looking to seize the next opportunity in the new year.

Discover business speakers who are sure to inspire your team!

Diversity and Inclusion:

This theme is one that businesses around the world have recognised as invaluable to the future of the workplace. Topics and voices surrounding diversity and inclusion will only grow stronger in the coming years.

Now is the perfect time to hear from diverse perspectives as we navigate through these unprecedented times.


Innovation is crucial to the success of any company, which means implementing new ideas and pushing the boundaries of convention.

Whether you want to inspire your team or learn how to be more creative, discover these innovation speakers who can share practical takeaways to help catapult your business into the future.


Your business needs a leader to ensure it is going in the right direction. 

With remote working and hybrid events permanently baked into the future of our workplaces and events, there’s never been a better time to hear from a leadership expert and gain invaluable insights to better navigate an uncertain future moving forward.


The way leaders bring teams together during and after the pandemic is going to be key to success. That’s why teamwork is a crucial element to the future of business.  

In a time where communication, leadership and strong teams make up the backbone of businesses, discover how some of the world’s best experts motivate and inspire their teams to greatness!

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