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Alain Robert. The human spiderman, death-defying free climber, and unbelievable after dinner speaker. After facing a life-threatening fall, Alain was told he would never climb again, but, overcoming incredible adversity, he is now a conqueror of the world's tallest skyscrapers. Defeating his vertigo and gaining mastery over his partial disability, he shares his inspirational story.

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"He was really good the audience in France and Bangkok loved him he had an interesting story to tell."
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The greatest daredevil of all time – Alain Robert has conquered the world’s tallest buildings – No ropes, no hooks, no safety nets......just his fingertips and the grips of his soles between world acclaim and oblivion.

Alain’s career as a climber was not always a certainty. Far from it.

At the age of 19 he woke up after several days in a coma following a fall from a cliff, to be told by doctors that he would never climb again.

Alain was not one to accept defeat, so in defiance of the prognosis, Alain found a wall near home, just 3 meters high but over 200 meters long. Without the ability to even raise his arms above his head, Alain returned to the wall several times a day until he found himself able to explore the brickwork, and gradually climb laterally across the width of the wall. It took him two years.

Now a better climber than ever, the incredible Spiderman Alain Robert is a true living legend. Internationally recognised, he climbs cliffs, mountains and gorges, and has conquered 132 of the world’s tallest buildings, using nothing more than his bare hands.

His climbs attract huge attendances.  In 2007 as he ascended the National bank of Abu Dhabi, 150,000 spectators were awe-struck on the ground, along with millions who watched on live TV.

He recently climbed Moscow State University, watched by 100,000 spectators, and a climb of the Sapphire Mall in Istanbul was covered by 300 journalists and shown live on 4 TV stations in the region.

On a recent climbing adventure  in Dubai, Tony Blair was asking spectators to photograph him with Alain, and asking them to send him the snaps!

The monumental challenges overcome by Alain following his two major accidents, have lead him to global acclaim – although he remains 66% disabled and suffers from vertigo.

As a speaker, Alain discusses taking calculated risks as long as your preparation is meticulous. He advocates bravery, boldness and steering away from a fear of danger. His truly inspirational story culminates in achievements reaching way beyond his dreams.

As a raconteur and a motivator he is unrivalled.

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  • "He was really good the audience in France and Bangkok loved him he had an interesting story to tell."
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