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Ed Stafford is the Guinness World Record-holding first person to walk the Amazon River and has experience of surviving adversity in some of the world’s most remote jungle locations. Ed uses his experiences to inspire and motivate audiences to achieve their own personal goals and shows that it's possible to succeed even when faced with seemingly insurmountable hardship.

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"Very easy going and funny, everyone thought he was entertaining."
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Ed Stafford walked into the history books when he became the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River. His epic adventure took two and a half years and everyone thought it was impossible. His achievement is, as explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes put it: 'Truly extraordinary... in the top league of expeditions past and present.'

Ed is passionate about encouraging others and is extremely honest about the challenges he faced in the Amazon: alligators, snakes, floods, electric eels, jaguars and the hostility of local tribes when confronted with a tall foreign man in their midst.

Ed shares his story and the powerful lessons he learnt about facing the impossible, resilience, risk, teamwork, respect, the environment and motivation, in a very entertaining and humorous manner.

After Ed's incredible journey, his story featured in over 900 articles and on news channels worldwide. He was awarded European Adventurer of the Year 2011 and was recognised by The Guiness World Records.

Since his expedition through the Amazon, Ed filmed himself surviving on an inhibited island for 60 days - Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford, and later filmed Marooned with Ed Stafford. This series followed Dan alone in remote, harsh and difficult extreme environments for ten days learning to survive.

Ed's next series: Left for Dead (2017) saw him escape some of the planet's most extreme environments with no survival kit leaving Ed to rely on his survival instincts to make his way out of the wilderness in 10 days.

In 2019, Ed worked on 60 Days on the Streets, a three-part documentary for Channel 4 in 2019, an insight into sleeping rough and the experience of being homeless.

Ed has written four books, all of great critical acclaim.

He is a popular speaker at awards, dinners and conferences, drawing on his adventures with humour and insight to inspire others to stretch their horizons and believe that they can do so much more.

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  • "Very easy going and funny, everyone thought he was entertaining."
  • Ares Management

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