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Alongside her husband, David, Carrie Grant makes an ideal awards host, keeping the audience in tune and ensuring the event goes with a swing. Passionate and entertaining, a delight to any business audience. Carrie and David motivate their listeners through the medium of music, using songs to teach leadership and communication skills. Fun and powerful, the duo are perfect for any event from a corporate workshop or small party.

C: £5K - £10K

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Carrie Grant and her husband David are great awards hosts or suitable for motivational speaking, they have also been known to get the whole audience singing a song of their choosing!  Best known for their work on Fame Academy, Carrie and David have worked with many of the best known pop stars around the world.

Interactively using the medium of music David & Carrie Grant have trained clients such as The Foreign Office, Express Newspapers, Body Shop, The NHS, Lloyds Bank, Barings Asset Management, Shell, and many others. They specialise in leadership strategy, change management and team building.

David and Carrie have got heavily involved in the Business Management Training field. They use music to communicate leadership principles. Their work began at The Ashridge Management Training College where they still teach regularly. This work broadened to many outside clients throughout the UK and abroad. They principally work with clients who are studying strategy, change management and team building. The sessions are great fun but also have very powerful leadership messages. They provide a number of different options to fit into a variety of programmes

Additionally, David and Carrie present tailor-made evenings for all types of events from small parties to large corporate gatherings.

With their singing, coaching and presenting skills they regularly take part in a variety of different events. In the past year they have judged National singing competitions including Yates Wine Bar National Karaoke Competition, Chorister of the Year and School Choir of the Year. Equally they have judged singing for private parties. They have coached groups of over 200 people to sing and put on a performance in an hour! They have hosted events, award ceremonies and made after-dinner speeches. They have also done any combination of the above plus singing themselves.

Carrie Grant, along with her husband David, is probably the best known vocal coach in the U.K. Primarily through her role as vocal coach in “Comic Relief does Fame Academy”, but Carrie first came into the public’s eye, as a vocal tutor, in “Pop Idol” and the original “Fame Academy”, and then as a vocal coach and judge in the first “Comic Relief Does Fame Academy” and “Fame Academy 2” However Carrie’s career covers a far broader area of the entertainment industry.

Starting as a dancer on tv and moving into presenting for Children’s television, for network programmes such as “How dare you” (Tyne Tees), “Freeze Frame” and the BBC’s Award winning series “Heart and Soul” (BBC1), Carrie then moved into session singing, where she became one of the country’s top session singers over a period of years. Working with the likes of Diana Ross, Roberta Flack, Rod Stewart, Lighthouse Family, Fat Boy Slim and many others. She then recorded with her husband David, as artists in their own right, their highly acclaimed gospel album “Watching and Waiting”, which went on to win them a prestigious MOBO Award  for best gospel album in 1998. Carrie was developing her vocal coaching and producing role with various artists, which now includes some of the UK’s top pop acts including Take That, Melanie C, Will Young, Lemar, Charlotte Church and many others. Throughout the US, Europe and the UK Carrie has been called on to coach artistes in the recording studio, TV and at live concerts.

Her appearance as a vocal coach in the high profile “Fame Academy” brought her to the attention of a massive audience. Her interaction with the students, and the supportive role she played, in what was for them a very daunting experience, helped to bring the very best out of those students. She subsequently appeared, with David, in “Comic Relief Does Fame Academy”, and “Fame Academy 2” and has taken an active interest in the Fame Academy Bursary.

Subsequently Carrie was seen fronting “The Agents” an exciting programme for CBBC and BBC where she was overseeing children promoting and developing the entertainment careers of a selected child from their school. She has already presented some 40 radio programmes for BBC education, as well as interactively using the medium of music to teach on various Senior Business management training courses for the likes of The Foreign Office, Body Shop, Express Newspapers and Barings Bank. Carrie is very supportive of young people in the Arts and has presented awards at The Teaching Awards and various Education and learning Awards.

Carrie and David have released their award winning vocal coaching DVD/Video “You Can Sing” and their book “Total Singing Tutor”, which are aimed at both beginners and professionals alike who wish to get the best from their singing voices. It is through her broad career in the entertainment and music industry that Carrie has gained the experience to develop her skills, and to also understand the requirements and concerns of vocalists, that has enabled her to become one of the UK’s premier vocal coaches.

Carrie and David fronted their own BBC 2 TV programme “Facing The Music” in which they were teaching people to sing for special events in their lives, this programme was nominated for a RTA award. They were both also  featured as judges  in “Can’t Sing Singers.” Additionally,  Carrie has appeared in Eastenders, Graham Norton’s Sound of Music Special, and has presented “5 Steps to a New You” for UK Style.

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