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Best known for his role as the Chief Instructor in Channel 4’s popular show ‘SAS: Who Dares Win’s’, Ant Middleton is a well-respected authority when it comes to survival and endurance techniques. Combining his background in the UK’s elite forces with his teamwork and leadership skills, Ant shares his inspirational story.

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Former SAS Soldier and now unique media star, Ant has become a household name. Relatable yet inspirational, he is a soldier, an adventurer, a captivating TV front man, motivational speaker and bestselling author. Since 2017, Ant has toured sold out venues in the UK with his live ‘Mind Over Muscle’ show and devised the ‘Mind Over Muscle Day Camps’, supporting individuals to realise their full potential.

Ant joined the armed forces at the age of 16 and quickly made a name for himself as a person with great grit, determination and skill. Ant Middleton moved onto the Royal Marines, 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers and then the Special Boat Service (SBS), sister unit of the SAS, in 2008 where he spent four years. Ant went on from strength to strength and he earned the position of a point man/lead scout as well as a primary fires operator and sniper, before eventually earning a place in the UK Special Forces Selection.

After achieving the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the UK’s Elite Forces (P Company, Commando Course, UK Special Forces Selection), Ant took his career into a different direction. Leaving the SAS, he worked as a security guard for VIPs, before operating as a security expert in South Africa and various other countries for West African governments.

Ant has transferred this experience into one suitable for the corporate world, offering businesses SAS style corporate events. His mission is simple: to empower all generations through positive thinking. He has experienced the extremes life has to offer and wants to share his learnings around the transformational benefits of adopting a positive mindset. Ant believes in the power of having this mindset whilst facing adversity and that the process itself can help us grow and evolve as people. As we all adjust to change, both big and small, our exposure to new challenges and difficult obstacles presents vital learnings. Ant meets these challenges with composure, fortitude, and above all else, positivity, and he shares with us how we can too.

In a captivating and inspiring conversation, Ant provides insight for companies who seek to learn the skills needed in order to develop this new way of thinking. From Amgen (an international biopharmaceutical company) to the DeVere Group (an independent international financial consultancy), Ant is well adapted to speaking to different businesses and brings positivity and clarity to employees from a variety of backgrounds. Ant believes everyone has the potential to adapt quickly to change, achieve our personal and work goals and, ultimately, become our best selves.

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