Cherry Healey

An excellent presenter who is very confident working with live audiences, Cherry Healey is best known for her hugely successful BBC documentaries. From 'Favourite Supermarket Foods' to 'Don’t Buy This Buy That', Cherry is consistently insightful, witty, challenging and compassionate about the subjects she covers.

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Best known for her extremely successful no holds barred BBC documentaries, Cherry is now a well-known consumer presenter for the channel.

She is insightful, witty, challenging and compassionate about the subjects she covers, with a genuine desire to give voice to the true character of the contributors she encounters.

In addition to her BBC 3 docs, Cherry has also had hits for BBC 1, notably Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods in which she investigated everything from food labelling to the best way to make a great cup of tea, and Secrets of the Sales where she explored the psychology of sales shopping and the tricks the high-street stores use to keep us coming back for more.

Cherry has forged a path on BBC 2 with Don’t Buy This Buy That, which saw Cherry testing a huge range of products from juicers to lawn mowers to inform and help consumers when buying in store or online; Inside the Factory: How our favourite Foods Are Made, a three-part series co-presented with Greg Wallace; and Britain’s Supermarkets: What’s in it for us? Cherry has also looked at a number of other topics for TV and radio, including sex, being a single parent, sale shopping and relationships.

Outside of the BBC, she enjoyed her first taste of live presenting with The Jump: On the Piste in January 2015 on E4 which saw Cherry interview the contestants from the show every night in her very own Alpine bar. Cherry’s broadcasting success has also taken hold in the US where she presents FYI’s Find My First Love.

In addition to her TV work, Cherry is the US ambassador for Cottonelle, a published author and made a documentary for BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour on single mother stigma.

Passionate and personable, Cherry is an ideal keynote speaker for all kinds of live events, bringing her down to earth style and charisma to the corporate field.


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