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The original host of Big Brother, Davina is one of the UK's most famous female presenters. Davina McCall has presented Million Pound Drop, Long Lost Families, and of course Comic Relief. With her vast presenting experience, Davina makes an excellent host or presenter for any event.

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Davina McCall is a consummate presenter and awards host, best known as the face of Big Brother and for her MTV presenting jobs early in her career.

London-born Davina McCall was passionate about music even in her early years. At the age of 15 she sang professionally with a band, went solo at the age of 19, produced demo music discs, ran many successful nightclubs in London and even appeared in Kylie Minogue’s music video Word is Out!

Davina’s first TV break came in 1992 with her own show on MTV, and in 1995 she went on to host the ITV game show God's Gift, before becoming the anchor presenter on Channels 4’s Streetmate and prime-time cult show Don’t Try This at Home on ITV1 in 1998.

In 2000, Davina was chosen to present the hugely popular Channel 4 reality show Big Brother. She hosted nine series and five of Celebrity Big Brother.

Following her success in the cult reality show, Davina went on to present the Brit Awards in 2001, as well as BBC charity show Comic Relief. She also hosted Popstars: The Rivals for ITV1 followed by The Vault and in 2003, Oblivious and the reality TV show Reborn in the USA.

In 2004 Davina hosted the new ITV1 prime time show Love on a Saturday Night and later that year, she was chosen to present the prestigious BAFTA television awards.

2005 saw Davina announce that she would be hosting her own BBC One prime-time chat show called Davina which aired in early 2006. Shortly afterwards, ITV1 signed up McCall to host the BAFTA Television Awards for the second time. Next Davina became the main presenter on Sport Relief on BBC One alongside friend Chris Evans.

She went on to star in BBC documentary Let's Talk Sex, looking at how sex education is taught in Britain, compared with The Netherlands. She has also published a book under the same title. Such was the power of her work on this topic that sex and relationship education has been established officially on the UK curriculum.

Davina became the face of Garnier and Nutrisse in 2005, and has produced several extremely popular exercise DVDs alongside her personal trainers, Mark and Jackie Wren.

A true institution on the presenting circuit, over the years Davina has proved her versatility and longevity. Her other presenting credits include: Million Pound Drop, The Biggest Loser, Got To Dance, The Jump, Long Lost Family and Life At The Extreme, to name but a few.

Davina has been included in the 2017 NTA best television presenter nominations.

A glamourous and charismatic awards host and presenter, Davina is a success on both TV and in live events. Having hosted all manner of shows, Davina is capable of bringing her versatility and friendly professionalism to the corporate circuit.

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