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Alice Roberts is a biological anthropologist, anatomist, author, Professor of Public engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham and a broadcaster. Presenting exciting archaeology programmes and discovering links between the past and the present, Alice’s incredible work examining evolution, disease, and the patterns of life is seminal.

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Alice Roberts studied medicine and anatomy at Cardiff University, after working briefly as a junior doctor, she went on to lecture anatomy at Bristol University. Continuing her study at the same time, her PhD focused on comparing patterns of arthritis in the shoulders of humans and other apes. This sparked her keen curiosity in osteoarchaeology.

During this time, Alice also developed a strong interest in the media as she became a television presenter, started to write accessible and popular science books, presented environmental programmes on the radio and began to share her knowledge on the speaking circuit. In 2012, Alice took on her role as University of Birmingham’s first Professor of Public Engagement with Science, where she continues her research, teaching anatomy and widely spreads the word about her findings in the field. Her studies have been recognised and widely praised in the academia sphere as she has received four honorary doctorates.

Since coming into the public eye in 2001 in her role as the human bone specialist for Channel 4’s Time Team, Alice has gone on to have a vast and successful presenting career. Some of her credits include BBC Two’s Food Detectives, Channel 4’s Extreme Archaeology, several Horizon programmes, Digging for Britain, The Celts and Coast, to name a few.

Sharing her knowledge of science and history on the speaking circuit, Alice is an accomplished keynote speaker, and an adept conference facilitator, panel chair and host. Able to compere, chair panel debates and host awards ceremonies, Alice is a valuable addition to all kinds of events.

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