Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts is a former doctor turned acclaimed speaker and broadcaster. She seamlessly combines her medical background with a captivating presentation style, making complex topics accessible. She has also presented over 100 documentaries, chaired debates, and received prestigious awards for her contributions to science communication.

C: £5K - £10K

Alice Roberts is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker celebrated for her exceptional ability to simplify complex topics for diverse audiences. Originally trained as a doctor, she transitioned to academia, specialising in teaching clinical anatomy to both students and doctors.

Emerging as one of the UK's foremost broadcasters, Alice has engaged viewers through over 100 factual television documentaries, earning respect as an authority on human biology, history, and archaeology. In 2023 alone, she showcased her expertise in programs such as "Ancient Egypt by Train," "Fortress Britain," "The Lost Scrolls of Vesuvius," "Curse of the Ancients," and "Royal Autopsy."

In addition to her TV endeavours, Alice has graced corporate launches, steered panel debates, conducted professional interviews, and presided over prestigious awards ceremonies. Notably, she headlined the Royal Institute's Christmas Lecture, securing recognition with the Royal Society David Attenborough Award and Lecture. Alice's multifaceted contributions reflect her passion for disseminating knowledge in an engaging and accessible manner.

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