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A comedian, TV presenter and writer, Mark Dolan is well known as the host of the hugely popular Channel 4 show Balls of Steel (from 2005 to 2008). He is also the presenter of the TV documentary series The World's (Something) And Me, where he meets "the world's most extraordinary people", such as The World's Hairiest Person and The World's Strongest Child. As an awards host, he is charming, intelligent and highly professional.

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"Excellent entertainment for the evening and great awards host!"
- Sayer Vincent
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Mark Dolan is a comedian , writer and broadcaster, best known for his Channel 4 documentary series which featured the world’s smallest, tallest and hairiest people, as well as the fattest pet! He is a charming, intelligent and highly professional comedian and awards host .

Mark’s Channel 4 show The World's... and Me was a critical and ratings success with a second and third series in various points of production. Also known for hosting the hugely popular Channel 4 comedy show Balls of Steel, Mark made his name in the 2002 hidden camera series, The Richard Taylor Interviews, in which he gave job applicants horrendous interviews.

He appeared on Sky One's movie review show Popcorn, and is currently presenting a new panel show for Channel 4, the Mad Bad Ad Show, alongside fellow comedians Micky Flanagan and Mark Watson. Mark was also the face of Sky's flagship movie show 35mm for four years.

Mark's run at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival was highly successful and critically acclaimed. His one man show, 'I'm Here to Help' is a hilarious combination of stand up and chat. Mark's natural charm and wit created one of the festival's biggest hits.

In 2006, Mark helped launch More 4 as the host of The Last Word, a late night topical discussion show in which he grilled the great and the good on the day's big stories. Mark has also fronted shows for E4, including its launch comedy series Show Me The Funny, and hosted a spooky series for Channel Five, controversially entitled Urban Legends.

Mark’s life as a stand−up comedian began in 2000, when he reached the final of Channel 4's So You Think You're Funny Competition. Mark continues to delight audiences across the land with his specky charm, and has a Saturday night residency at Soho's Amused Moose Comedy Club.

With a background in radio, Mark has stayed close to the medium in which his career began. Alongside the aforementioned C4 radio show, Mark is a regular presenter on LBC radio and BBC London, as well as being a panellist on a wide variety of Radio 4 comedy shows.

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What people said about Mark Dolan

  • "Excellent entertainment for the evening and great awards host!"
  • - Sayer Vincent
  • "Mark was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. He was very well prepared and where he wasn't sure of exact run of play on some of the finer details of the company or the product, he asked instead of blundering his way through. He was very relaxed and as the evening didn't have a rigid fixed agenda he adapted really well - making it an enjoyable event for everyone there and giving the appearance of a very well-polished and organised event. What was particularly nice is that he always referred to staff and guests by first names and didn't appear to have an ego. He was very funny and witty in what can normally be quite a dry and formal atmosphere which was a bonus!"
  • - MahiFX
  • "Mark was extremely professional, polite and friendly. He arrived promptly and was well prepared, he even took the time with me to make sure his speech was worded correctly and that he was going to pronounce staff members names correctly. There was no real "celeb" status he was very down to earth and a pleasure to be around"
  • - Lilac Sky Schools

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