10 Inspirational Stories For National Storytelling Week

10 December 2021

From fables to fantasy epics, stories have captivated audiences and readers for generations. Storytellers in cultures and societies all over the world share tales that motivate and inspire future leaders to success. National Storytelling Week (29th January - 5th February 2022) is a chance for schools to celebrate and share inspirational stories that will spark excitement in students of all ages.

It’s not just the content of a story that makes it compelling - it’s the way it’s told. Hearing someone tell their own story can transform it from an intriguing narrative to a moment of connection. For school students, connections like these can help them understand their own ambitions and challenges in a new light, offering new perspectives and unlocking a world of possibility.

Storytelling is an invaluable asset in the classroom - and our speakers have some truly inspirational stories to tell. From athletic achievement to life-threatening illnesses, give your students the chance to hear the extraordinary stories behind these fascinating people this National Storytelling Week.

Anita Asante

From promoting diversity to overcoming adversity, Anita Asante has an incredible insight into what it takes to become a successful footballer. Anita’s journey from passionate youth player to an instrumental part of the quadruple-winning Arsenal team is testament to the power of ambition, teamwork, and dedication. Her inspirational story is sure to capture the hearts and minds of any football-mad pupil this National Storytelling Week. 

Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett’s story is different. While on a school trip, Anthony fell ill - so ill, in fact, that he had to be resuscitated 12 times. When his condition stabilised, he had to relearn everything he once knew: how to talk, how to walk - even how to breathe. Now, Anthony shares his story as a motivational speaker, spreading the power of positivity with honest, funny insight. His story - and the powerful message behind it - is sure to move and inspire any student this National Storytelling Week.

Bonita Norris

For young women and girls, it can seem daunting to take on the world - which is why role models like Bonita Norris are so important. Despite having no climbing experience or money, Bonita decided she was going to climb Mount Everest, so she could see the curvature of the Earth for herself. She set out to gain the entrepreneurial and climbing skills she needed and, at the age of 22, Bonita became the youngest British woman to climb Mount Everest. A proponent of curiosity and self-belief, Bonita has a truly inspirational story that will resonate with female students of all ages.

Dallas Campbell

Dallas Campbell is a scientist, a television presenter, a Guinness World Record holder, and a winner of Celebrity Mastermind - so there is no end to the inspirational stories he can share with your pupils. With a passion for popularising science, Dallas is a great storyteller for National Storytelling Week. His enthusiasm is sure to motivate budding engineers, physicists, computer scientists, and all pupils who love spending time in the lab.

Felicity Aston

Students with intrepid adventures in mind will find themselves truly inspired by Felicity Aston’s story. Felicity’s many journeys across the cold desert tundra of Antarctica, Siberia, and Greenland are awe-inspiring tales of leadership, endurance, and teamwork. As a storyteller, Felicity shows students how skills like these are invaluable not just when skiing across Antarctica, but also at school, university, and beyond.

Danny Crates

Danny Crates is a phenomenal athlete, a true inspiration, and a natural storyteller. Having lost his right arm while travelling at the age of 21, Danny returned more determined than ever to forge a wildly successful sporting career. Now a celebrated Paralympic athlete, a fantastic rugby player, and the world’s only one-armed scuba diving instructor, it’s safe to say he’s achieved that goal. His drive to overcome obstacles will inspire school students everywhere to take on new challenges and aim to defy the odds.

Tori James

Famed for her feats of endurance, Tori James is a rousing speaker for schools. Tori was the first Welsh woman to climb Mount Everest - and has since challenged herself to take on a huge array of other physical challenges. Tori’s road to success hasn’t always been smooth - but her ultimate achievements can inspire future athletes to face challenges with courage and confidence, leading them to achieve their own success.

Dwayne Fields

It’s not always easy to change the trajectory of your life - but Dwayne Fields’s story is a testament to what can happen when you do. Having seen the effects of gun and knife crime first-hand, he decided to commit to education and adventure. Ultimately, this led to him becoming the first black Briton to walk to the magnetic North Pole. Since then, he’s shared his inspirational story with children across the UK to highlight the adventures that await them everyday.

Zoe Jackson

Zoe Jackson is proof that young people can achieve big things. At the age of 16, she set up her own performing arts company. Since then, the company has grown enormously - and Zoe has become a true role model for young people everywhere. Her passion for helping young people discover and live out their dreams makes her a fantastic speaker in schools, and empowers listeners to take control of their futures.

Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards

Few stories are more inspiring than that of the Eagle’s run to the 1988 Winter Olympics. The sole British entrant for ski-jumping, Eddie overcame a series of challenges - from fear of heights to lack of funding to fogged-up glasses - to participate in the Olympics. We’ll let Eddie tell you how the story ends, but it’s safe to say that his tale proves that passion and determination can override fear. Eddie’s inspirational story also shows that, sometimes, failure is just a matter of perspective - a lesson worth learning for all upcoming exam-takers.

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