Blog 5 Mindfulness Apps We All Need to Start Talking About

5 Mindfulness Apps We All Need to Start Talking About

Our mental health is something we all need to be focused on, so we've put together this blog with some of our favourite apps which help people of all different backgrounds, and in all stages of life find some mindfulness. Although looking after our minds is a difficult task as they are not as visible as our physical health, it is still just as important. Helping you find time for your head in this mad world, we have collected together our top five apps which work to provide us all with a healthier and happier life.

1. Headspace

This app seeks to make meditation easy, aiming to provide people with a calmer and happier life. Founded and pioneered by Andy Puddicome, a former Buddhist monk, mindfulness expert and TED speaker, Andy has brought his learnings from 10 years of studying meditation in the Himalayas into an easy to use app format. The app uses scientifically proven techniques to help anyone, anywhere, and anytime, find a little headspace.


Graphics from the Headspace App

2. Elefriends

Elefriends is an app founded by the mental health charity, Mind. It is a safe platform where people who are struggling can go to be heard, listen to others and share their stories. It provides a forum to those in need, helping them connect to a community through post updates, photos and notifications. The app is monitored by Ele handlers, so users can access the necessary help and it is passcode protected, so it is easy to keep shared thoughts and feelings private. Speakers Ruby Wax, Alistair Campbell and Clarke Carlisle are ambassadors for Mind charity, sharing their own personal experience through keynotes and forums.

3. BellyBio Interactive Breathing

This app monitors your breathing and plays calming ocean sounds when you relax. The waves sync to your breathing promoting stress relief and the easing of anxiety, this one is great for all the insomniacs trying to get some sleep.


Clarke Carlisle - Mind ambassador

4.  Emoodji – the university focused app

Moving away from home to go to university can be a very exciting and daunting time. Being away from your parents in an environment with lots of new people can bring to the surface a lot of unexpected emotions that can be difficult to handle. Emoodji works to stay with you through the ups and the downs of this process. Take a selfie or photo, choose the right emoji for your mood and send it to a friend or keep it to yourself. The app tracks your mood updates, so it can know how you’re doing. On top of this it offers tips and advice on dealing with different aspects of student life, from homesickness to exam stress, to money worries, it has you covered.

5. Operation Reach Out

This app was originally developed to prevent suicide in military personnel. There are pre-recorded videos and menu options to help users assess their thinking and find someone to reach out to in their time of crisis. Operation Reach Out is a great tool for helping military personnel speak to people with similar experiences and achieve this.


These five apps go some way to helping us find a little calm in this busy world. Our speakers can also help with this, providing practical workshop sessions on how to find wellbeing in the workplace or sharing their own personal experiences in keynote speeches. 

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