5 Reasons Why Futurist Speakers Are As Popular As Ever

Holly Beddingfield10 October 2018

Our futurist speakers  are some of the most in-demand on our roster. Here at Speakers Corner we work with a host of futurists ; from trend analysts  and academic professors , to media commentators  and digital technology  and social media experts . A futurist often makes the perfect opening to a conference or strategy away day as their talk provides a fantastic scene setter before funneling down to relevant sector specifics. There are many reasons why futurists are some of the best speakers to book today – here are 5 to get you started!

1. Engage in Creative Ideas

Futurists are some of the most creative people out there. Their research and insights are fueled with innovative energy, guiding their listeners to see things in a new light. This creativity can rejuvenate any audience, added that much needed oomph to cure an office lull or sleepy conference. Look no further than the imaginative storytelling of Magnus Lindkvist , whose talks are more like shows or performances compared to your usual speech!

2. Absorb Impressive Intelligence

Futurist speakers spend a lot of time thoroughly researching their ideas before they present at conferences, in books or through videos. Some of the best futurist speakers  come from an impressive academic background, such as the AI expert Nick Bostrom, and Yuval Noah Harari, the author of Sapiens, who both hail from Oxford University.

3. Stay Ahead of the Curve

Futurists are great at spotting patterns. They analyse emerging trends and engage with them to make a considered, but innovative vision for the future. Listening to a futurist speaker offers the chance to visualise trends and stay ahead of the curve, whether this be in digital technology, social media, or science. Why not let  Michio Kaku  predict the direction of science through the next century, or absorb Jonathan MacDonald ’s latest take on changing business models?

4. Combat the Media

Watching the news, flicking the sheets of newspapers or tuning into a radio update can often leave you feeling glum. The headlines seem to feel increasingly darker, and the respites of good news few and far between. Futurist speakers can offer an image of the future that is not only more positive than the impression the media can give us, but is also rational in its approach. We recommend trading the daily headlines for a talk with  Isabela Aguilera  or let the authority and humour of  Kjell Nordstrom  guide you through cutting-edge topics in the business arena.

5. The Future Is Bright...

…when you are better equipped with what to expect. Futurists can help audiences understand and futureproof themselves for the uncertain times ahead. With this extra bit of knowledge, the future becomes a brighter place. We feel prepared for the trends that might be round the corner and can begin to get excited for new challenges. We recommend Graeme Codrington ’s blend of cutting-edge research with humour, or Inma Martinez ’s refreshing approach to emerging digital trends.  To book Magnus Lindkvist , Nick Bostrom, Yuval Noah Harari, Michio Kaku , Jonathan MacDonald , Isabela Aguilera , Kjell Nordstrom , Graeme CodringtonInma Martinez  or any of our other amazing futurist speakers , call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email us at info@speakerscorner.co.uk

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