Blog A Happy Workforce, Free Comedy & GDPR: Here's What We've Been Talking About This Month

A Happy Workforce, Free Comedy & GDPR: Here's What We've Been Talking About This Month

Since we're so nice, we've decided to give you a super helpful round-up of everything we've been up to this month, just in case you missed anything.

With so many new faces joining the Speakers Corner family, we decided to go out for some team bonding. The perfect catalyst - bowling. Needless to say we were all effortlessly amazing at the sport, nearing professional level (at one point someone actually bowled the ball backwards).

As the sunshine continues to tease us, we've had our heads down preparing for our upcoming Comedy Collective event (which is next week)!

Comedy Collective 2018 Line-up Announced
comedy collective

As usual, we've had some more fantastic speakers in the office this month to share their stories with us. We've heard the valuable lessons that businesses can gain from the worlds of sailing, cricket, and athletics.

You can also pay us a visit while we're out and about at a few shows over the coming months. You can find out more about our movements here: Come And Meet Us This Spring

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