Blog Adam Cuthbert - A tribute to our eternal friend and colleague

Adam Cuthbert - A tribute to our eternal friend and colleague

As Managing Director of Speakers Corner and Speaking Office and President of The IASB, I am so lucky that my job and passion are one and the same. I have always aspired to ensure our clients secure the best speaker, presenter or host for their events or conferences.

A message from Nick Gold

When you spend more time with your work colleagues than you do with your family, it’s only right we all get along, become friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Perhaps a work-family is too strong a word, but it’s an ethos we’ve tried to cultivate over the last 20 years or so.

When Adam sat down in front of me and Tim back in 2014, we knew instantly he was the perfect fit for the company. With a personality that filled the room, he had that blend of charm and wit that only a select few are born with. 

He quickly learnt the ropes and his leadership qualities shone through. His ability to absorb information led to an encyclopaedic knowledge of speakers meaning the team regularly deferred on the unusual requests we sometimes receive. Adam’s speciality was the after-dinner circuit – so much so he gave us all some fantastic advice in this blog he wrote back in November 2014 - The Sporting After-Dinner

Adam had to deal with an incredible amount over the last few years,  he was diagnosed with cancer of his spine but his courage, tenacity and effervescent outlook ensured he tackled everything life could throw at him head on. He shared a bit about what he had been through in a Q&A he did here

He left the office one sunny Friday afternoon just before England’s Quarter-Final against Sweden, full of optimism ahead of a momentous weekend. Unfortunately, that was the last time he left the office.  

He called me that evening to let us know that the tumour was growing and the prognosis was terminal. There were no words we, as a team and individuals could share about the news, but we wanted to be there for Adam.

Over the last 6 months, Adam has shown immense bravery and courage, while firmly staying part of the Speakers Corner team making sure he stayed up-to-date with the latest news, gossip and adventures.

Still a passionate advocate for the speaking industry as a whole, we took immense pleasure that the crowning moment of the 2018 Speakers Corner Christmas Party was hearing Adam finally achieved his life long ambition and met Jodie Marsh. Upon being asked what he was going to talk to Jodie about, we were delighted to be informed by him ‘her speaking career’!

Adam passed away peacefully at home on New Years Day 2019, and our love goes out to Katie-Jo, his family and all his friends. His spirit, joy and zest for life will live forever with all the team members (both present and past) who were honoured to be his colleague and friend. Adam’s spirit will remain part of us and forever be embedded into the Speakers Corner culture and personality.

We all get the chance to include a quote on our website biography page to neatly sum up our philosophy in life, and there’s no better way of paying our respects and preserving the wonderful memories of Adam since he came into our lives than by finishing this piece as follows:

“Don’t take life too seriously… You’ll never get out alive”

 - Van Wilder, Party Liasion 

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