An Interview With Dance Troupe Diversity

1 January 2012

What are your fondest memories of Britain’s Got Talent?

See the photo in our biography on the site - This photo sums up the absolute shock and joy of when they were announced as winners. Diversity aimed to enter the show and to be the best within their field. For them, the best thing is now to be able to do what they love full time and that the public recognise and connect to who they are.

How and when did the group originally form?

All the older members of Diversity (Ashley, Terry, Ian and Jamie) have been dancing together at the Danceworks Studio, started by Ashley and Jordans mum and dad, since the ages of 5 years old. Jordan and Matthew as younger brothers joined them and over the years Sam, Mitchell, Perri and Ike joined the studio also. Diversity was formed in 2007 with the joining of the younger members for 2 reasons: 1. A very close family friend Silvie who had known the guys since the beginning was taken by cancer and a tribute show was put on in her honour. 2. Diversity then entered the UK Street Dance Championships which they won. The guys have known each other for over 17 years and the bond between them and all of the families is extremely strong and unique.

Can you remember your first corporate event?

While rehearsing for BGT Tour in June 2009, Diversity were asked to perform at Marks & Spencer's 125th Birthday Gala celebration.

Which corporate event was your favourite and why?

They have all been so varied & memorable for so many reasons, wonderful venues, both in the UK & abroad. A highlight was performing at the Monaco Grand Prix Gala Dinner - it was an absolutely amazing event.

If you could perform at any event, past or future, what would it be?

We would have loved to performed at Nelson Mandella's 90th Birthday Celebrations in 2008.

Which artist / act do you most admire and why?

Michael Jackson - He is an inspiration to us, because of his creativity, ability to inspire all generations and the fact that there is always a message & a story in his work.

Who would you most like to share a stage with?

Michael Jackson! - on his final tour.

What do you feel you bring to a corporate event?

in our view there is nothing like a live performance. To always make it relevant and bespoke for the event we are performing at and to leave the audience with a memorable experience and always wanting more!

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