An Interview With Derek Redmond

1 January 2012

What can a typical corporate audience learn from your experiences?

A typical corporate audience can learn many things from my experiences, but to sum up, in a single sentence, I would say that they leave knowing that the mindset of a successful sportsman is no different to the mindset of a successful business person. Sport is a business and business is a sport.

How did the corporate speaking begin?

My corporate speaking began back in 1997 when I was invited to attend the financial directors' forum along with Frank Dick, and I never looked back!

If you could speak at any event, past or future, what would it be?

If I could speak at any event I would love to speak at the White House! (I an not sure they hold events there but that would be so cool) I also love big events so any event that has a massive audience really does it for me!

Who would you most like to share a platform with?

I would love to share a stage with the US president! Maybe at the same event where I speak at the White House!

What are your most frequently requested speaking topics?

My most frequently requested topic is about the Barcelona event (surprise surprise!!). I also get asked to speak a lot about subjects such as teamwork and determination.

What do you do to ensure your presentation has a lasting impact?

To make sure my presentations have a lasting impact I have a couple of takeaway models (A teamwork wheel and goal setting triangle) that everyone in the audience can fill in and use themselves with their own teams and goals, plus the Rubik's cube normally has a lasting effect too!

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